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Kubinska Hola
Aquarelax Dolny Kubin
Oravsky hrad
Vratna dolina
Rafting Orava
Rybolov Párnica
Sutovsky vodopad
  • Bobrova raľa (31 km)
  • Františkova huta (Hámor) (33 km)
  • Wooden church 1588 Leštiny (15 km)
  • Orava castle 1267 Oravský Podzámok (17 km)
  • Florin´s house Dolný Kubín (9 km)
  • Rafting of the Orava river (1 km)
  • Fishing – Lakes of Párnica (2 km)
  • Orava village museum Zuberec - Brestová (55 km)

Bobrova raľa

   Bobrova raľa is situated in one of villages of Orava named Podbieľ. I tis the largest retained complex original folk architecture in central Europe.We can find 64 original wooden cottages from 19. th century. Two families udes to live together in one cottage –each in one room. The kitchen and front hall they used together.

SKI Františkova huta (Hámor)

   František´s huta (Hámor) is a technical monument, the ruin of the iron hall factory from 1836. It is situated in Orava near Podbiel, in Studený potok walley. Classicist facade, perimeter walls,blast furnace, supply channel and return line, hámor , bellow chamber and a heap of iron ore have been retained.

Wooden church 1588 Leštiny

   Newly refurbished water park in Dolny Kubin has a swimming pool with a length of 25 m, relaxing pool, kids pool, whirlpool, spiral chute, restaurant services, fitness, or rehabilitation services. It is equipped with the latest technologies in heating, treatment and water filtration.

Orava castle 1267 Oravský Podzámok

    Orava castle is sectionalized to upper, central and lower castle. The upper is established by Citadela – the oldestpart of the castle, which was built in 13-th century and served in defense of castle. The central castle is consisted of Korvín´s palace, palace of Ján Dubovec and residential tower. The lower castle contains St. Michal chapel, western and eastern stronghold, rectory and defense system composited of the first, second and the third castle gate.

Florin´s house Dolný Kubín

   In 1953 – 1973 an old crafter, originally used for dyeing, situated in the historical centre of Dolný Kubín was inhabited by slovak poet, publicist, diplomat and educator Teodor Herkeľ Florin, who contributed to the organization of known slovak showing of artistic recitation called Hviezdoslavov Kubín.

Rafting of the Orava river

   The last distance of the river can be sailed, from village Párnica to confluence wih river Váh at Kraľovany village. This part overflows beautiful valley. Rafting is also suitable for families with children. Lenght of rafting from Párnica (or from Oravská Poruba)to Kraľovany is about 8 – 9 km and it takes about 1,5 – 2 hours.

Fishing – Lakes of Párnica

   Water area of štrkovisko Párnica consists of 17 water areas at Párnica – Záhrabovo. Around most of lakes is a road for cars, so all fishing spots are available. Carp, trout, perch, pike, ling and other fish occure here.

Orava village museum Zuberec - Brestová

   Only 3 kilometres from Zuberec under the Western Tatras you can find unique place – Orava village museum. The Cold creek flows by the centre of it. On its banks there has been built a village – a collection of folk buildings of various regions of Orava.